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We take pride in the happiness of our customers. Don't just take our word for it:
  • I am a restaurant consultant that works all over the world. I've been lucky to have some great clients in Cambodia, so I have been spending a lot of time here. I live out of suitcase, and its really awesome having the this storage bin company around here in Phnom Penh. I send a quick email when I am boarding my plane. Then they arrive on time with all my belongings. The service is too cheap, but I am happy to keep paying the low fees.
    Nate T
    Consult with Nate
  • I am a retired teacher splitting my town between America and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I rent an apartment for short leases when I am here for a couple months at a time. I call up the storage guys, and then I get my bins of my clothes I keep in Cambodia full time. I also keep a set of golf clubs there. Everything has been returned in pristine fashion and I would definitely recommend them for any storage needs.
    Peter Wright
  • Brad, the owner, is definitely an honest expat living in Phnom Penh. I don't need storage at the moment, but I have referred friends and co-workers and all have been happy. Great guy.
    PUC, Pannasastra University of Cambodia

Our storage backround

Phnom Penh brings a whole variety of people with wide, diverse backgrounds. I had a lot of friends asking me to store things for lots of different reasons. I really didn't know a good storage company to refer, so I thought I would make a small start up. I knew some really bright Cambodians who can really give good customer service, and I already had a safe, secure location.

After this idea, I also realized most foreigners don't drive cars and moving large items are cumbersome. Yes some foreigners have learned the art of loading up their scooter with multiple bags, and there is always a friendly tuk tuk driver (s) to help transport to some packages, but I thought including a pickup - drop off service would be great. It helps eliminate the logistics part, but also It's hard getting around Phnom Penh, then finding the location as street address aren't the most logical here. We will fight through traffic, locate your house, load up your belongings, essentially doing all the grunt work and letting the customer relax.

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