Our Process


Price quote

Generally we charge 25 dollars a month for on of our "bins" and we have an itemized list of other usual items that we store like bicycles, motorbikes, couches, etc. If having a lot of stuff, or just plain lazy ,send us an email and we will give an exact price with how much everything will cost. You only pay for the storage that you actually use.

Pick Up

We will send a text message roughly an hour before we leave to come pick up your items (for free). You can use our bins to store small - medium items and we can also load up bigger items. We use a moto with a cart welded to the side for one bin, and we have a motorcycle truck and a van for bigger items. All items will be delivered safely and carefully.

Storage Area

Now your belongings are safely secured in a concrete building. The building has multiple locked gates & doors, along with always a customer representative there 24/7. We also have multiple cameras on all day and night. The building is purposely built for storage and is way above any flood levels, along with great drainage on the property.

365 Days of Delivery

Give us a call, email, text, or Facebook message and we will deliver your belongings to you in Phnom Penh. We ask for 48 hours notice, but we can accommodate day off for a small extra fee.

Contact us today and we will send a free quote!